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Finding Inner Peace In Today’s World In 12 Ways

Life, it can beat you down…Finding inner peace can become a challenge in today’s society, draining away our positive energy. […]

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Can You Change Your Destiny By Making Life Choices?

We make life choices everyday, and sometimes you may wonder if your life would have been different if you had […]

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Good Leadership Skills

Good Leadership Skill Gets Great Results In Life And Business    A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus […]

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My Battle With Drugs And Alcohol Vs Making Smart Decisions

We often make bad decisions in our lives and sometimes it takes us to hit rock bottom in order to […]

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[Poem] Dedicated To Twenty Angels On Earth

The whole nation mourned on that day, the day we lost twenty angels on Earth. I’m still haunted by the […]

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My Inspiration ‘The Bug Boy’, Showed Me A Different World

Once upon a time my inspiration in life was a beautiful little boy the neighborhood kids called “the bug boy”. […]

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